New Pochette Vernis Cles' on Elux

  1. Just got an email from elux and they're promoting their Valentines Day Gifts...the new Cles' in every color are available...if anyone is interested
  2. ^thanks for the info.

    looks like they're sold out of the Violette..only Pomme and Amarante are available now. Too bad because I really wanted to copy the stock picture of the violette so i could print it out on my box (helps me keep track of what's in what)!
  3. Here is the Violette:

  4. I dont' see it on there at all. :sad:
  5. Looks like they are all out of stock, now!
  6. Already hahah so fast~
  7. all gone??!! :cry:
  8. i am sure it wil be restock very sooon..i got mine and LOVE IT..:tup::heart:
  9. only color showing up is the violette, really wanted the pearl. Have it in pomme and love it
  10. Aw man, I hope they'll restock. I want one in amarante.
  11. the violette is now available.
  12. Nice !!!
  13. oooh, thanks so much! :ty: now i'm off to print..hehe