New Pochette Tulum

  1. Hello!
    Have you ever seen the new pochette Tulum live? What do you think? It seems very nice and practical...
  2. I'm sort of bumping this one...It claims to have similar measurements to the wapity (4.1 X 2.9). Anyone know anything about it? Price?
  3. Hello! Are you referring to the Pochette Cancun? If so, the price is $270 USD and the measurements are 3.7x4.5x3.7".
  4. I am not feeling all that extra trim on the new line.:shame: :sad2:
  5. i really like the tikal but can't justify spending 500 bucks on it...
  6. Exactly! Me either. Maybe if it was the same price or around the same price as the reg pochette, I would consider it. That's just too much to pay for such a tiny bag IMO (Even tho I spent $465 on my Twin GM but that's besides the point)! ;)
  7. My SA said the pochette Tulum should be in the store very soon.
  8. It's pretty cute, but it's 220 Euro. :wacko:

  9. I love the new Tulum, etc. line, but it's just so expensive! But I guess its about the same as the perfo, maybe cheaper.
  10. It's a little expensive but It seems practical.
    What I really I do not understand is the capacity...if can we put the cell, the car key, the credit card It's perfect for the beach!
    Do you think that It's available in the european LV shops?
    This morning I would like to go to the LV shop 5 minutes from my house...
  11. I've finally seen the pochette Tulum live! very very cute, very expensive (230 euros:sad2: :sad2: ) and too small...
    I can't use it for my Blackberry so told it bye bye.
    You may be use (but I have some doubts) if you have a little cell. or if you want to put the gloss or the credit card or some coins.
    What a shame!!
  12. Thanks for letting us know, Melina. Seems like an impractical item.