New Pochette smells like plastic!

  1. i just picked up a new damier azur pochette from holt renfrew on the weekend. is it just me or does it seem like the canvas is really thin and upon closer inspection (being the LV freak that i am) i noticed that the bag smells like cheap plastic. i've bought LV for many years and have never encountered anything like this before. There is no doubt the bag is authentic since i got it from holts but the quality just isn't the same as other items i've purchased.

    after saying all that, though, i'm keeping it because it is so cute and i love it! HAHAHHA....
  2. hmmmm.....seriously i say return it for another one.
    Just to make sure.....
  3. It's not normal, but have heard of cases of this happening... the smell should go away with more use? If it's bothering you, you could simply return it...
  4. I noticed a differance in the canvas also when i got my mono 30. It's thinner and shinnier than my other mono bags. I don't know if this is some new canvas, but i don't like it. It just does'nt seem as durable
  5. My azur speedy smelled like that. It left after I started using it. It was strange!
  6. Funny you posted this, I also bought the Azur pochette, and it smelled similar....but I knew it was probably just the plastic coating over the canvas that gave it that "new" smell. It's such a cute bag, you won't notice it over time, as it's used. Congrats on the new Azur !!!!!!!!
  7. If it's the Azur this - to me- is totally normal! I've bought like 3 azur speedies this year and all have had that smell (IMO I like it!) haha~ the smell will go away with normal wear though.
  8. my new damier speedy smells like plastic inside. none of my other speedies smelt like that. lol. idk. i ordered mine from 1866-vuitton. i was kinda confused by the smell as well.
  9. I would return it and grab anouther one.
  10. both my damier azur pochette and mini pochette smells a bit like plastic..but with use the smell should go away. i havent used mine long enough! (never used the azur pochette and have used the mini pochette twice)
    if it bothers u, return it!
  11. All three of my pochettes (CB, Azur, mini mono) have that smell. I personally think it's inevitable. As the bag ages, the smell becomes stronger, but it doesn't bother me at all because it doesn't lower the quality of the bag itself.
  12. the smell on my bag has gone away already and ive only have mine since Oct. 5th
  13. I noticed that the canvas seems thinner and softer on my Neverfull than my older accessories. LV did change their canvas last year I think in order to make it more supple. I think this may account for the different feel. I don't know about the smell, though. I loved the smell of my Neverfull. I was actually disappointed when the smell faded.
  14. Isn't there a plastic coating?:confused1:
  15. Spoken like a true LV fanatic! :smile:

    Haven't experienced the "plastic" smell. Return it if it doesn't go away within the Holt's "exchange period."