New Pochette Metis lock continually sticking??

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  1. I purchased a Pochette Metis a couple of weeks ago and the lock is continually catching on the end and it's very difficult to get into the bag. I've found out it should just ping open which it doesn't. It sometimes stays shut, sometimes gets stuck at the end but overall takes me ages of fiddling about to get it open and I have to tug on the little flap......not good!! If I'm in a shop I need to leave the bag open or it will take me forever to get my purse out :panic:

    Has anyone else had this problem? I'm just hoping there's a knack maybe?

    If I contact LV will they be able to just replace the lock if they decide it's faulty? They are all sold out in cream and I don't want it replaced for a different colour.
  2. I have the Reverse and I don’t have this problem. Sounds like you need to take it in. Sighs. (Seems like there’s a lot of that with these bags.) That could really get annoying. It sounds like you’re already annoyed. Good luck!
  3. Just take it in. . .
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  4. I don't live anywhere near a LV store, my nearest will be in London which is a 2 hour train journey. It's going to be awhile before I can do that ..........and it's far too hot at the moment for a day in the City :yucky:

    Yes I'm definitely annoyed with it now and have only had it a few weeks.......If I've got a queue of people waiting behind me whilst I am trying to pay they are getting annoyed too :giggle:
  5. That was the problem with my first one. The lock stuck. I took it in and it opened perfectly every single time with the SA there. I was like, what the heck? I left, it stuck again. I sold it. Missed the bag, bought a second one, and it had cracking. Sold it. I loved the bag, but had to move on.

    Definitely bring it in.
  6. There is a knack for fixing this problem if you have W-40 lubricate in England. You would drop one drop of W-40 into the hole where the latch goes, one drop into the circle knob that moves to open the latch. Wipe up any excess lubricate and make sure it does not get on any of the leather. Squeeze the two circle knobs together like you are opening the latch. Repeat this a few times. Then latch the lock and open it. Repeat a few times. This allows the lubricate to move around the locking mechanism and that show fix your problem. Hope this helps!
  7. Sorry...meant lubricant, not lubricate. Also should, not show.
  8. I have in Monogram and doesn’t have this problem. However yes it does take effort to open the lock, this is the downside of Pochette Metis, especially for practical person like me. Thought about sell it but loved this bag so much .
    You should probably bring it in and fix the lock problem ☺️
  9. Oh thank you so much for your help Who’sLV,l. Yes we do have WD40 over here in UK. I’ve given it a try and think it’s maybe it’s a little better as opens first time sometimes.........sadly it’s still very annoying, mostly takes many attempts to get into it.
    I’m surprised quite a few owners appear to have this problem. I would have thought LV could have addressed these issues. It’s not what you’d expect from an expensive bag........especially when it’s new.
    I’m going to have to take it into store but it will be some time before I can get there
  10. Let it sit for about 2 hours and try opening it up again. This should give the WD40 time to circulate throughout the locking mechanism. You can add some more WD40 to it before you let it sit.
    I know how frustrating it can be with a new item especially with LV, but I can tell you it is not just with LV. I have had this problem with Gucci, Burberry and Dooney and Bourke. It is something about this lock design that if not properly lubricated at the factory it becomes really stuck. I just really hate it when trying to open the lock and it just won’t open up. I have used this knack with every bag with this lock and it has kept me from having to return to the store. If this doesn’t work, you really do have to take it back for them to replace the lock. I really don’t want you to have to give up your cream bag since they are sold out. Cheers and best of luck!
  11. Thanks again Who'sLV. I've given it another try and let it sit over night........I made a few attempts last time and also left it over night. Hopefully it's worked this time.

    If you've had that much success with it I'll definitely persist, a bit annoying that LV send them out like this though :cursing: I really don't want to have to take it back......I'll let you know how I get on
  12. I’m dying to know...did it work for you?
  13. :crybaby: :frown: :crybaby:........:crybaby: sadly not, it doesn't seem as bad and I've found a knack with it now......only open it on my shoulder and when it sticks push the bottom of the bag in then flip lock up but What a pain in the butt :annoyed: When I next go to London I will take it back to see what can be done......I almost wish now I'd never bought it :facepalm:

    Thank you such much for this tip, it's good to know, hopefully others will have a better result.

    Someone else mentioned there's opened better when not so full. If I keep the front compartment empty it's better but I don't like this solution :tdown: I might just as well have stuck with a smaller bag.
  14. I'm sorry your lock is still sticking. Actually, I find that the bag opens and closes much easier when the front compartment is completely filled up. I have a very difficult time trying to close it when it's empty.
    i think it would be a good idea to take it in despite the long trip. But, it sounds like it might just be a defective lock. I hope that they can get it fixed for you soon.
  15. I am so sorry to hear.:crybaby: I hope they can fix it for you so you can still keep the cream color!