new pochette falling apart is this normal.

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  1. I went to two LV stores and was told this was normal but i am still in shock, the pochette is not even 30 days old.



  2. I don't think that is normal at all. It actually looks as if a dog chewed on it. Did anything traumatic happen to your pochette lately?
  3. How often have you used it in those 30 days?
  4. I agree...Doesn't look normal at all! :wtf:
    The actual vachetta is still clean so it must be relatively new...
  5. It is very new less than 30 days old of the 30 days i have used it maybe 10 if that.
  6. This looks bad. I think its a defect.
  7. and LV can't do anything for you???
    You have your receipt and everything?

    I would complain. :s

  8. what can i do? i have taken it two stores and called the 1866 number but they said that repairs are handled in the store. i do have the reciept. not that i need it because arent things like this on record.
  9. the brown adhesive seal on the side looks like it has been scraped along gravel? I could understand a fault if it were split, but that looks scraped off, in 30 days? What happened to it?
  10. when i tell you nothing. my apartment has carpet and i have never ever dropped it anyway. i have only taken it out a handful of times
  11. that is not normal wear and tear
    i say bring it in and show it again
    they have to be able to do something,even replace it if possible
  12. i just cant believe that two stores would be so insistant that its normal if from the looks of it is not. particularly for a brand new bag. it is exactly 29 days old.
  13. The leather looks fine; it's the glazing that doesn't. When you carry it, does it rub on anything rough, such as a tweed coat or another rough fabric? That can cause the glazing to rub off. The glazing coming off is considered to be normal wear and tear, but not as abrupt as yours; it should take years and years of use before it comes off. LV should re-glaze it for free or offer you a replacement.

    BTW, your Pochette is Monogram, right? I was just a little confused because in the picture, the background is Damier and the leather is vanchetta.
  14. #14 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    the part in bold is very good to hear, i think i am going to go to the soho store tomorrow with the receipt to show that it is brand new and ask for a repair, replacement or a store credit.

    yes it is a monogram, the damier is in the background because i have been carrying my new damier speedy 30 i got today from room to room like a little kid with a new toy :blush:

    my winter coat, about the only thing i can is rubbing up against is cashmere and wool. very soft and warm though so i cant imagine that is it. i have some pictures of it from the day i got it and it looks like the glazing was VERY faint, not as red as it is on the LV or elux site at all so that could be it.
  15. Your scaring me..i just got a Lv speedy for christmas i have not even worn yet :faint: