new pleated ergo on ebay?

  1. wow - what do you think? its a limited edition it says..... i can see myself liking this alot

    pleated ergo.jpg

    maybe not - i see it looks like they got it at an outlet? did i miss this design some time ago?
  2. This is the pleated hobo but not a pleated ergo. I can't remember when it came out but I bought one about a year ago.

  3. oh, ok, its a nice bag- congrats!
  4. Yes, it is the pleated hobo - there are a couple posts about it in the celebrities and coach thread (about this photo):


    I think it is at least a year or so old because I have seen it now and again at Loehmann's and TJMaxx - very cute!
  5. its an older style i was looking at it before.. there are 2 styles.. one is an outlet exclusive.
  6. I have one in silver...also the matching wristlet. Cute and functional, but mine is an event bag because of the color, not everyday like yours.

  7. Should have said I sold it later! LOL! I had a brown leather one and it was tdf! The leather is incredible on these but the hardware makes it awkward. It hung weird on me which I just couldn't get used to so I had to sell it! :sad: