New Please help!!!!!

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  1. Hi I am looking to aquire my first Balenciaga bag but I am a Chanel girl and dont hasve a clue about Bal. bags or what they are called or what they cost. So can someone help me the bag I want is the one Nicky Hilton is wearing but in white, what is it called and what does it cost? I hope someone can help me?
    P.S I hope I did not post in the wrong place
  2. Photos from TPF, Bijuo I borrowed your photo I hope that is ok?
    1185633359_ss2.jpg FRI%20BALENCIAGA%201.jpg bijou.jpg
  3. In the first picture...Nicki Hilton has a Brief in Giant Gold Hardware (GGH). The third picture that you borrowed is of a Day style with Giant Gold Hardware (GGH). You can get pricing and measurement for sizing in the Bal reference thread. Welcome and good luck on your search for your wonderful Bbag.
  4. thank you soo much X