New Plan B? more detailed pics

  1. Yeah I agree with you, I don't like the button closure, and prefer the Nikki. Although, the color is VERY fun!
  2. Yeah, me neither. I wonder if there is a magnetic closure underneath or zipper.. Not sure of the buckles on the side; it just doesn't seem to fit the style. Do love the colors though!

    ETA: I just noticed that the Steady has the same buttons, but for some reason I like it on that better.
  3. My thoughts EXACTLY!
  4. Hi guys!

    I saw this bag in person at Luna Boston. It has a zip closure. What you see in the pics is only a flap covering the zipper. Pretty clever.

  5. When I first saw this bag from the showroom pics, I had to have one(in Onyx/Charcoal). Now that I've seen more detailed photos, I think I might give it a miss. I much prefer the styling of the Nikki.
  6. I love the color of this bag. The royal blue body and its cobalt patent accents make for a wonderful combination of colors. I would go so far as saying the color alone is enough incentive to buy the bag!
  7. thanks for the more detailed pics. i think i prefer the Nikki over the Plan B. but this is a great price on eBay. i think Plan B retails for $655.
  8. I loved the Plan B, right from the start!!
  9. Hm...hard to tell just from the pics but initially, it seems to me that a few of Rebecca's early bags this season look a lot younger. Good for the younger girls on the board, and the older ones who can get away with it ;) but not so good for my own personal "mutton-dressed-as-lamb" factor. :smile:
  10. ^ Mutton dressed as lamb is so not the impression I've gotten of you from your posts! Look at those shoes and that bag! And your bag collection is tdf! Methinks you are way cooler than that!
  11. I think it's the juicy popsicle colors that are giving them a In Tangerine (over on the left) it looks sophisticated and in Onyx it looks spacey!
  12. Aw...You're very sweet! Thank you! Hopefully I am not there yet (mutton dressed as lamb) but I'm trying not to get there...even though sometimes the bags are enticing ;)

    I think you are right about the colors, Mockinglee. I think for me personally at my certain age (let's just say I've had my 29th birthday... ;)) I can get away with a funkier style bag in a more basic color, or a more basic bag in a funky color, but both together are probably not a good idea on me.
  13. I definitely plan to get a Nikki over the plan B. Something about the buttons isn't doing it for me after thinking it over. The detail of buttons makes it look I dunno... trendy? too much? I just like the Nikki's simpleness better. I'd love a Nikki in fuscia or purple.