New Plaid duffle

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  1. I've been looking thru threads all morning and can't find who had purchased the new plaid duffle that just came out. Wondering if you kept it and it you like it. I am considering it for my Christmas purse. Thanks.
  2. That was me. My thread "I'm on the fence". I realllllly like it. I'm leaning towards keeping. The colors are so pretty and I have nothing else like it. And I love the duffle shape. Good luck!
  3. I bought this bag with the latest PCE and I intend to keep it. I've got *SO* many purses--most of which are Coach. Plain leather bags rarely phase me anymore because I have staple leather bags in different colors that I'm super happy about. So nowadays, when I buy purses, I buy ones that are unique and classy/fun/different. And I'm a huge fan of patterns during the fall and winter--> tweed, herringbone, houndstooth, and plaid specifically. So this bag was a no-brainer for me. I love the colors in the plaid. I love the fabric. I usually avoid white leather, but I figure it won't matter as much because I'll use the bag with the pocket facing out.

    I also own a tweed/suede herringbone Coach tote (this fabric, but a taller tote, not my auction), the dark green boucle Chelsea bag that came out a year or so ago (same bag, different color, not my auction), and the pink/black tweed Poppy tote that came out last year (this was my reveal post). The only issue I've had with these fabrics is that little lint balls can form on the back of the bags where it rubs against my body. But that doesn't bother me. Otherwise, no issues.

    If you really like it, I suggest getting the bag. You can dress it up and down. It's so unique and pretty. And I doubt you'll see too many other folks rocking it, which I love about bags that make me feel special.
  4. I did. I love it and have gotten many compliments. The Boucle fabric is very soft and it is much easier to handle than the all-leather duffles.
    image-2849195251.jpg image-3984052828.jpg