New Pink Stuff! Ball Bag, Knot Bag, & Shoes!

  1. Extra bonus--it was all on sale! The ball bag is not mine yet--I have it on consignment from the BV store so I could show my husband. So nice that they will let you do that! And apparently my SA occassionally visits tPF (hello!)

    Knot bag from Neiman's (50% off!)
    Ball bag from BV (30% off, I think)
    Poudre peep-toes from Barney's (60% off--yay!)
    poudre&knot.jpg pinks.jpg
  2. oh beautiful shoes and bag congrats - are you getting the ball bag ?
  3. WOW:heart: They all look stunning!!! that knot clutch is TDF
  4. I Love The Knot Bag!! Lobvel Ove
  5. wow, this collection is seriously TDF!!! i love the calabria knot!!!
  6. I am definitely leaning toward it... the quarzo is beautiful, it seems like it will be a really comfy bag, too, and the price is 30% off the price before the price increase they had about a month ago....
  7. I am so in :heart: with the knot bag, too! I had my eye on it forever, but the one at Neiman's here got sold before second markdown. Luckily an SA tracked one down for me in another store when second markdown came around!
  8. This bag is a keeper! Classic comfortable shape plus one of the most stunning seasonal colors BV ever made? Perfect combination!
  9. Killer combo! I love me some pink.:yes:
  10. Oh my, :drool:

    Pretty, pretty pink stuff! How much are the prices if you don't mind me asking?
  11. the shoes were 260, knot bag was about 1100, ball bag was 1300-something
  12. The calabria knot is TDF. And at 50% off! *faintz* The Poudre peep-toes are perfect with it.

    You're def the great shopper. :tup:
  13. I just love the knot clutch! Congratulations!
  14. gorgeous purchases as usual :drool: enjoy!
  15. Well the only reason I ended up in BV yesterday was cause of you--otherwise would not have that ball bag!