New Pink Balenciaga city, maintenance advice needed please!

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  1. Hi guys,
    I have purchased a pink metal plate city in goatskin and it arrived today, as I don't have any light color handbag in my small collection except this new baby, I am worrying about the handle parts are going to get very dirty and darker( which I was aware of this natural wears will happen on lighter leather for sure), somehow it couldn't stop me from getting it home so I guess now I need your guys valuable knowledge and experience to advise me some tips, like handbag gels, creams, spray or handle scarf maybe, or anything that you have heard, tried and worked. TIA.
  2. I haven't tried protecting my bags with anything before, so I cannot offer any product advice. I always make sure my hands are clean and dry before holding handles, and free from lotions and sunscreens. So far this has worked well for me, as all my bags handles are still in excellent condition
  3. Thanks for your reply, you are absolutely right about the critical effective way for protecting the leather handles is free of lotion on hands. I should be more aware of that.
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  4. Beautiful color and bag!
  5. Is there any way to clean the handles once they darken with use?
  6. Thanks!
  7. Well I’m quite late to this post but I have a pink bal bag and its almost 4 years old. Out of 10, I say its a 7 in terms of condition. I dare say I should of taken care & handled it better. I’m all about taking care of it now and this is my current routine: using Apple Garde Conditioner and the Rain & Stain spray. Conditioner first then rain & stain. If it’s not being used, then I just condition it once a month. If it is being used, then I do both once a month. I’m still trying to research how to fix dark handles & corners! Cuz those two areas are sad to look at!

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