new pink baggy PM!

  1. I went into the store planning only to browse, but came out of course w/ a new family member. She's so vibrant and cheery. Really adds some life to my other brown and black purses. I'm 5'2" and under 100, the GM made me look like a midget. This one hits me perfectly in the waist. She's very relaxed and casual. Fun for the summer!
    0.jpg 1.jpg 3.jpg
  2. OoohHHhh soooo cute!!!!
  3. so nice! the pink baggy pm is my favorite from the denim line! did you get the strap extension to wear as a messenger?
  4. Great choice, gorgeous bag :love:
  5. I LOVE that!
  6. very nice!
  7. Thanks for sharing in the joy and excitement. I didn't opt to get the strap. I'll have to definitely consider that. I only thought that went w/ the GM, but I could see it working w/ this bag too. Thnx for the suggestion!
  8. i am thinking of this bag too! cute!
  9. It's beautiful and it looks great on you! Thanks for the pictures!
  10. Wow! This bag is so cute. It looks a lot deeper pink than in the pics at Elux! I'm thinking of the Mini Pleaty in this color! Enjoy it!!!!
  11. So cute! Enjoy your new bag!
  12. ooo its lovely! I am so considering the baggy pm....
  13. Congrats!
  14. :love: Ooo Lala, Very nice. It looks great on you.. Enjoy!

  15. So cute! Congrats!