New Pink Bag on Singapore Ebay

  1. hey bjemiller! i've never seen this bag before but the details like the creed and alignment etc looks good. it could be a department store only exclusive. hopefully others on here can help you!
  2. OMG lord I love that bag...
  3. I've never seen this bag before either.
  4. If it's a fake, they did a darn good job on the creed. I'd be cautious though.
  5. it looks like a match to the new wristlet someone posted in the spring drilldown thread...same color, stripe, and all--it would be cool if they were coming out with this tote in spring!
  6. this is real...i saw these at my store a few days ago...these are the new signature stripe bags...
  7. I haven't seen that bag yet.. so it is a new signature line ?
  8. It's cute!
  9. what store was that and id it's over seas what website do you use tia!
  10. I'm thinking it's not authentic. Coach has never put colored fabric behind the Coach lozenge on the front of a bag before.
  11. New Sig Stripe bags as in they're replacing the ones with the stripe at the bottom? Oh dear :crybaby:
  12. This is what the new signature stripe is going to look like. I haven't seen it in person and can't comment on authenticity but these will be out in stores soon. It might be the next floorset?
  13. You're right...I noticed this too. Pretty shade of pink!
  14. is the style # 11691 ?? even if the purse is from signapore does the style number usually stay the same