New Pierotucci just came!!

  1. I LOVE IT! There is nothing that is not perfect about it. My camera has been broken for months, and I just haven't gotten a new one, but here is the site and the exact bag. I got the red and was worried that my LV red epi agenda and red cles was not going to be in the same family of reds, BUT IT IS! Hardware is gorgeous, no doubt that this is good leather, and is perfect (for me) in every way.

    I wanted that yellow soo much, but glad now that I chose the red. AND, it arrived 3 days before it was supposed to!! Hope those of you who ordered one have the same experience.
  2. [​IMG]

    Is it like this? Congratulations on your new bag!
  3. Glad you like it. That red is fabulous!
  4. That's it. :smile: The red is just like the Epi red, though. I just put my agenda up to the computer and it's not the same red as is on the screen. In real life, the bag is just the colour of the LV epi red, if you have seen that colour. The texture is different, obviously, but that's nearer the colour (IRL) than the picture shows.

    I can't find one thing I don't love about this bag. :confused1:
  5. congrats!
  6. Ohhhh, so glad to hear! :yahoo:
  7. [​IMG]

    Let's do a side by side comparison, the soft leather red is supposed to look like the LV epi leather red. is this LV epi closer to the colour of your bag IRL, RomanOak? A more neutral true red instead of the slightly warmer orangey appearance of the Piero red on the monitor?
    lv epi red.jpg
  8. Exactly, corsetted. It is a "little" (but only a little) lighter shade than the LV Epi, but is definitely not orange-red like it looks in the above picture of the Piero bag. It is 100 times prettier IRL than the picture. Seriously, it is gorgeous. To be honest, I was wondering why I ordered it because it didn't wow me in the picture. However, it was just the kind I will carry on an everyday basis, and most of the others were not. (thinking outloud here.:smile:) Thanks for doing the side-by-side, because that shows the true color of the "Royal Highness" better. (It has that category of their bags' name on the inside...not Pierotucci.)
  9. Beautiful, a perfect bag and it matches your Epi items too? Yay!!:yahoo: :woohoo:
  10. It's gorgeous! Congrats!

    Did you pay lots of money for it, including custom fees?
  11. Thanks for the reply, RowanOak. IMO, the red you got sounds gorgeous!
  12. Yummy!
  13. For certain countries including US & Canada, the cost of duties and tax is included in the price. Shipping is free if you order over a certain dollar value - I think $275 Euros. Otherwise, shipping is still very reasonable considering it comes UPS.
  14. I'm so glad that you're pleased with it! Congrats! :wlae:
  15. Thanks, everybody. There were no shipping or custom charges on the bill. As someone said, they are included over a certain price. This bag is a *steal* for the look and the quality of it. Oh, and I got the coin purse in sappron and the leather on it is vacchetta and the next bag I buy will be in that leather. Geeee.......can't believe I'm talking "next." My credit card company called me the other day to make sure all those purchases from Italy were from me, and not from someone who had stolen my card. :rolleyes: I was so embarrassed that I almost told him it *was stolen, lol. I just told him though that if it was from Italy, it was my purchase, and to always allow it.

    This can be habit-forming...