New Pieces for Valentine's Day?

  1. I really want to get a :heart:heart:heart: this year, but I can't help wondering what other things are coming out for Valentine's day 2008! Does anyone have any ideas? Also, in the past have the hearts been slightly different (maybe color) each year? I am wondering if someone can take a quick look at one and say: "Oh that is a 2007 Heart." I know date tags do the trick, but I am wondering more about the look of the item. Also, I thought I read somewhere that there was a cosmetic case coming out as well, or am I way off? Thanks everyone!
  2. The hearts released last year were White MC, Pomme, and Framboise. This year they are Pomme, Amarante, Violette, Silver, and Gold. The vernis hearts that were released this year have different chains and charms. You are also correct, cosmetic cases were released as well.
  3. Thanks for the information!

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that a special bandeau comes out as well...although I don't know if they have done that before!:love:
  4. There's the Sweet Love and Sweet Flowers scarves. I've been told that it's coming in a bandeau and have been waitlisted at my local store.

  5. Thanks everyone- you guys are the BEST! :shame: I just ordered the burgundy fade bandeau (technically called Monogram Degrade Bandeau) from 866 because I read somewhere on this forum that as of 2 days ago there were only 12 or so left in the country, and I have been wanting that one from the time it came out, but I was trying to move away from monogram as I have a lot of it. I really wanted to wait until V-day (actually Feb. 1) to see if Louis came out with any cute holiday bandeaus...and you guys let me know they probably will...I just didn't want to take the chance:shrugs:- and who knows maybe I will have 2 new ones by March! I plan to tie them (bow fashion) on my purses...SO CUTE!:graucho: I also liked the idea someone posted here about using them as headbands- Oh the possibilities! I think my husband is just happy that I found something under $500 at LV!

    :heart:One more question about the hearts: Does anyone know how much are they going to be this year? I see them on eBay for $500+ but thats not a great indicator, especially giving that they are LE.:heart:
  6. Cyndee you are awesome!
    WOW: I LoVe it!!:love: I saw your post earlier, but I couldn't find the pic for the life of me...looks like I'm going to be investing in another! So this is it about to come? They are letting you W.L.? I REALLY do love it! would be nice to start curbing the spending :angel:

  7. I think they are going to be $350ish, someone correct me if I am wrong. I am curious on the price of the Mirroir makeup case.

    Also Limarie, just go and look at all the new stuff coming out in the S/S 2008 Pics only thread and you will see everything:
  8. Last week, at the Bloor St. store in Toronto, they had the Sweet Flowers square scarf. I played with for a while as I wanted to see how it goes with the amarante pieces as well as the violette (it does!) and I asked if it was going to come in a bandeau style. They had to go check with the 'accessories manager', but the answer I got was, yes. I wasn't quoted a price. I don't know if that pic above is a scarf-scarf or a bandeau, kwim? I couldn't find dimensions for it. My Mirage bandeau was pretty reasonable, I think $130, but based on the price quoted there, it will be in the neighborhood of $320.00. Yikes! If that's the case, then I honestly don't think I will be getting it. Maybe I'll just get the square Sweet Flowers scarf as it's quite a bit cheaper according to the U.K. site. Somebody said somewhere here though that some of the info was not accurate on some of the sites. So, I'm hoping that there's an error in the price for that one. If anybody has any accurate info, I'd very much be interested in hearing an update.
  9. I want that sweet love scarf! Please call my husband anyone...
  10. Wow, that's so pretty! I would like to get wait-listed for that too but if it's going to be in the price range of $320, I'd feel bad if I say I don't want it anymore. What to do?? :shrugs::sad:
  11. From what I can tell all the bandeaus are $120 (well before the most recent price increase anyway). So if that one that is $320 I think is a SCARF not a bandeau, as they usually run in that price range. This is all conjecture and educated guess-work, but I bet if it comes out in bandeau it will be the $120 price + 5% price increase (about $126). TOTALLY WORTH IT!

    Did I say I LoVe it! :drool:
  12. The hearts were launched on 1/11 in Hawaii and the price after our 4.71 tax was 382 each. Not sure how much you'll be paying in Continental US.
  13. GBP 160 is the equivalent of around USD 315 so the price you were quoted seems right. That is a an awful lot for a bandeau - perhaps it is limited?
  14. As I said, I wasn't quoted a price. I'm just going by the price on the U.K. site for what they describe as a scarf. I was told though that it would be available in a bandeau, but DID NOT get a price.
    Hope that clarifies.
  15. OK, thank you.