New piece of Miroir coming in late October!!??

  1. I don’t normally post but this looks like it could be exciting and I had not seen anyone post about it yet, so I thought I would speak up.

    I just noticed that my other love Visionaire will be again working with Vuitton on a coming up issue. Marc Jacobs will being the editor and it also says designer of the case. This time for the No 52 issue, due out the end of October, it will come in what looks like a gold Miroir case. The issue is going to retail at $375 which is about $200 more than a normal issue but the last issue Vuitton worked with them on (No. 18) sold out of its limited run of 2500 in just 3 weeks. No 18 was in a great monogram case that has sky rocketed in price. But this new one sure looks like Miroir to me. You can pre-order on… that’s where I found most of the information. The Visionaire web site won’t have any information until right before its release.

    Here is the link!
  2. the size of the cover would be the size of reg magazine?
    I'm not familiar w/visionaire..but I'd kill for that miroir cover :nuts:
  3. OMGAH! that miroir cover is HOTT! wow...:drool:
  4. The case should be around 11x14 inches… that is the size format for the book it holds.

    Here is another site with some more info:
  5. i love Visionnaire! i think i'll be getting my first and only Mirroir piece.
  6. Do you know how i can get this from Australia? I don't think ship to here...?
  7. ^ yes they do ship to Australia. i've bought lots of stuff from Amazon for a few years now. that's where i pre-ordered my Birth Of Modern Luxury book too and i got it 2 months before the boutiques here had them.
  8. Oh wow, that's great! I once tried to buy a book off amazone years ago but couldn't...probably because of my pathetic internet skills back then lol. Thanks for the info, good to hear from you again.
  9. I'm not familiar with the book. I'd like to know what is all about in the book? :confused1:
    I think, I might grab a hold of a copy coz I've started to be an LV collector. :p Please advise. TIA.
  10. Im confused! So I can get a visionaire and a mirror holder for $375?
  11. ^^ Yeah, so for $375, you get the actual magazine and the magazine holder which is made from LV MIroir material...
  12. oh this sounds interesting :graucho:
  13. ha! Amazing!
  14. Very nice. This is going to be a very hot item.
  15. Stunner.true Stunner.