New pictures (posted for Jill/Triplets)

  1. Jill asked me to post these photos of these fab bags for Triplets. I had to play with the photos awhile, so I hope they work. Be blessed. :P
    IMG_0135.jpg IMG_0134.jpg IMG_0133.jpg drawstring up.jpg satchel up.jpg
  2. I just love that chocolate leather on the fall Pradas, but dadgum I wish they'd make some models of these bags that weren't so HUGE!!! I don't want something I can pack a week's worth of clothing in when I buy a bag.:wtf:
  3. Jill and Coachwife, thanks for posting my pics! You guys are too nice and thoughtful. I appreciate your time.
    So after the hard work to get them on here, what does everyone think?? I really like them both. I might add that I have added a new Chloe Paddington to my fall handbag collection, so don't mind/probably prefer if the Prada style I choose is a bit different to give me some variety!!!!
  4. Prada Psycho, I know EXACTLY what you mean ^^^^. I heard from Jill there was an even smaller size of satchel, but I never got a chance to see it.
  5. I really like the bag that hangs lower. Good choice!
  6. Ahh!! Both bags are so so pretty. I understand why it's been so hard for you to decide! Well hmm... I tend to like the satchel more but I think the drawstring looks really great on you. However I do think it's a bit too big. So my preference would be the satchel. :smile:
  7. BTW: you have such a cute figure.
  8. Oh those are all gorgeous! They look FAB on you
  9. I love both, and you can carry off either very well. Maybe it's my love of big bags, but I love the way the draw string bag looks on you, so I vote for it. It's a no lose situation. :yes:
  10. coachwife, where did you get the fabric on your chairs? those are exactly the colors I'm doing my bedroom in!
  11. Oh my word those are beautiful bags! Thanks for posting the pics!:love:
  12. I love the drawstring too -- I am a fan of big bags. And it looks great on you. (they both do, I just love the drawstring better)
  13. cuteusername...

    Its me triplets05, and those are my pictures from my house. The chair you see is a Mitchell Gold. That room was decorated in 2004, but they may still have that fabric. I might have the swatch with the name, so if you want me to look for it, let me know. Otherwise you might go to their website or check with a MG retailer in your area.
  14. Triplets05 - I have the 'Diana' book you have on your shelf - its such a lovely book
  15. OK......I made the decision. I kept the drawstring. To me it is squishier, less structured, more casual...and while possibly a bit too big for me, just an easy bag to throw on my shoulder. I do adore the satchel, but I am also getting a Chloe paddington in a new fall color, and am justifying that it is more satchel-like in shape and will be a nice compliment to the drawstring. Maybe not the best rationalization..but is works for me.