New pictures of my babies:

  1. This is Teenis, I changed her name again :nuts:

    And this is Louis V. Ton:
  2. aww selena they are cute! are they hairless cats? I really want a cat but i am allergic so i'd have to get a there anything special you need to do for them? I know they would have to be kept indoors.
  3. Ohhh I love them!!! So cute!!! I have never seen cats wearing Tshirts before and it looks adorable!
  4. These guys are beautiful!! Are they Rex kitties??
  5. Thanks guys! They are Sphynx cats! If you are allergic to cats, you will be allergic to these as well. Its actually the cats saliva that people are allergic to! They need to be kept warm. This is my first winter with them and they are getting a little more peach fuzz then usually but its neat as they are fuzzy now! I adore them! Did you notice Teenis' shirt says "Bad hair day!" LOL
  6. Teenis in one of my purse closets:

  7. hahaha I love the shirt on Teenis. Too cute!
  8. They're so purty Selena!!!!! Not many ppl appreciate sphynx's, but they're such sweet little things...

    Thought i'd also share a pic of my fat boy wearing his chinese brocade jacket
    His name is Hobbes :yes: . We also have another girl kitty, she's still a kitten though, i should take more pics of her.
  9. Oh my freaking goodness! Sooo cute!!!!!! Does she like to wear clothes? My one cat does (teenis) but louis walks like she is marching...LOL hates it.
  10. Naked Teenis:

  11. My moms cat mini:

  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: So cute!

    OT: What kind of camera do you have?
  13. LOL at "bad hair day" so cute Selena! They are gorgeous!
  14. All the kitties on this page are so cute & their little clothes are adorable
  15. louis V Ton :roflmfao: