New Pictures of my 2 Baggy GM's!

  1. I love them!They are So comfortable, both colors are great for the summer! More pics of clothes, in my showcase!:love: I am SO happy I returned the neo speedy in green in exchange for the green GM, but I just couldn't leave the pink gm!:love: :biggrin:
    lv1.jpg lv5.jpg lv11.jpg lv12.jpg lv23.jpg
  2. Gorgeous bags!! I was only considering getting the Neo Speedy, but from your pics Star, I'm liking this style now.

    You and the LVs look great!
  3. star you're crazy :wacko: but the bags are gorgeous.........the more i see the denim bags the i'm drawn to them......and you look beautiful as always :P
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. LOVE those bags!!!! And your t-shirts are soooo cute too!! Enjoy them, they look great on you!!
  6. oooohhh STAR! You are killing me...I am so in love with my green..I see your pink and I wanna run to LV and get it now!!
    You look great!! AS ALWAYS!
  7. Love them ! I really want a baggy, and these pics aren't helping ! :biggrin:
  8. Great purchase... thanks for posting your bags :biggrin:
  9. I am stunned with the pics. The bags looks kinda weired on display but looks great on the shoulder. I am buying!
  10. Star, You Have Inspired Me To Get Them Both Too, I Love These Bags!
  11. Star,

    Your pics are always so beautiful. I can't wait to get my baggy too!!
  12. Star, you crack me up! Congrats on your new purses, they look great on you!
  13. :lol: LOL! I am completely nuts!:wacko: :wacko: :wacko: over these bags!:lol:
    Bagsnob, You will LOVE them!:lol: :lol: :lol:
    Thanks everybody, I hope you get the idea of how great these bags are for grabbing quickly!
  14. Everytime I see you model your new bags, I feel like running to the the store! Though I do understand how you feel, both colors are stunning ... I don't blame you for buying both!
  15. I :love: the baggy style! Congrats:biggrin:
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