New pics spring summer 2007

  1. hi guys,
    here are some pic with new bags.....
    Diapositiva1.JPG Diapositiva2.JPG
  2. The gold chain really looks heavy :sweatdrop:
  3. I;m not crazy about the new trend of putting those washer things all over bags this season.
  4. wanna see Speedy dentelle
  5. i only like the dentelle
  6. Been posted a few times already but thanks.
  7. the black and white stripe one is really cute
  8. Thanks..we have been teased by the pics for months..I still want to see speedy dentelle
  9. there was a thread that has a picture of it!
    i cant find it has to do with karen kooper!
  10. Ooooh, does anyone else remember where that Speedy Dentelle picture might be?
  11. Thanks for the pics. Repeats are okay.
  12. Honestly,you can kill me guys for saying that,but i dont like any of the new collection bags---most of them to me look like fakes gone bad---if you know what i mean---too much of everything !!!:shame: and what is your opinion???
  13. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that East West PM bag!!! :drool:
  14. yes,probably thats the only one that i like!

  15. really??? thanks..