NEW PICS of Verte d'Eau City from BNY


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Aug 8, 2006
Daphne sent these to my Mom today. They look so different. She said this one is very hard to photograph. I still no likey. :P They have a very few in the City with regular hardware. Where is my natural?:confused1:


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Thanks for the pictures! I was hoping someone would have them soon!

OHH I hope the color is more true in the first picture then the 3rd one.

Could anyone confirm?
Thanks for the pics powderpuff:love: ...the first pic is really pretty. But I don't think I can handle the stress of getting the handle dirty:sweatdrop:..with a baby, I better stick to dark color bbags:yes:

I want to see more pics of Marine, French blue and Cafe :tender:
thanks powderpuff!!! so long as the true color is anything like these 3 pics, I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: it!!! ...but I had wanted it in the Box or the Purse, think they'd look lovely in vert deau, and they're both now discontinued.... :crybaby:
The leather does look very yummy doesn't it? Daphne said it was very pale so I had a feeling this wouldn't be the seafoamish bag everyone was hoping for. I am just getting natural. None of the others thrill me. I will save my money and get the older ones that I am looking for. Vermillion is tempting but I just won't carry a red bag that much and my Mom has a rouge and I can borrrow hers. :graucho: [/I]
I surprisngly love it if its very close to the first picture.
Cuz if it is .. Im going to have to order one tomorrow.:yes:

It reminds me of a Calcaire, but instead of the pink undertones its a thin mint coat. And the leather for this season is absolutely divine!