NEW PICS of Verte d'Eau City from BNY

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  1. Daphne sent these to my Mom today. They look so different. She said this one is very hard to photograph. I still no likey. :P They have a very few in the City with regular hardware. Where is my natural?:confused1:

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  2. these pics make it look much better than IRL though! I want to go look at them again!!!
  3. Thanks for the pictures! I was hoping someone would have them soon!

    OHH I hope the color is more true in the first picture then the 3rd one.

    Could anyone confirm?
  4. Thanks for the pics powderpuff:love: ...the first pic is really pretty. But I don't think I can handle the stress of getting the handle dirty:sweatdrop:..with a baby, I better stick to dark color bbags:yes:

    I want to see more pics of Marine, French blue and Cafe :tender:

  5. me either

    thanks for the pics
  6. me 3rd, but thanks for posting the pics!
  7. I thought I'd LOVE this color, but I have to agree with you all. There's something kind of saccharine about it, I don't know how better to describe it.
  8. It looks incredible in the first pic! Based on that i loooooooove the colour! And the leather looks really beautiful too, thanks for sharing!
  9. Thanks for posting Powderpuff! The leather looks yummy, though. For those who saw IRL, how are the leather of the new season bags?
  10. thanks powderpuff!!! so long as the true color is anything like these 3 pics, I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: it!!! ...but I had wanted it in the Box or the Purse, think they'd look lovely in vert deau, and they're both now discontinued.... :crybaby:
  11. The leather does look very yummy doesn't it? Daphne said it was very pale so I had a feeling this wouldn't be the seafoamish bag everyone was hoping for. I am just getting natural. None of the others thrill me. I will save my money and get the older ones that I am looking for. Vermillion is tempting but I just won't carry a red bag that much and my Mom has a rouge and I can borrrow hers. :graucho: [/I]
  12. I really like the first pic! The leather looks like its TDF!
  13. I surprisngly love it if its very close to the first picture.
    Cuz if it is .. Im going to have to order one tomorrow.:yes:

    It reminds me of a Calcaire, but instead of the pink undertones its a thin mint coat. And the leather for this season is absolutely divine!
  14. the first pic looks like turquoise 04 and the second pic looks like pistachio to me.

    Bbags are hard to capture..but I really have no idea what this color curious!
  15. when i saw it it didn't look like any of these pics! =(