new pics of Arad in Wildcat

  1. Here are some modeling pics of the Arad. I love the size and fur, but am still concerned with the possibility of balding or loss of fur that seems to be a problem with hair bags. Decisions, decisions...
    modeling wildcat 003.JPG modeling wildcat 004.JPG
  2. Wow! That looks GREAT on you! Congratulations!
  3. Congrats!!! its beautiful!
  4. Looks gorgeous.
  5. JM--you look great! :tup:i love it on you! :love:i say keep it:yes:.....i hope it holds up really well for you bc you wear it well!:girlsigh:
  6. Love it Jmcadon :choochoo:

    I notice the treadmill & misc exercise equipment in the background, does your stuff get used as much as ours ;)

    Actually, the treadmill works great to hang misc clothing items from and can probably have shelves attached to store the other stuff we seem to accumulate :lol:
  7. Great looking bag! I've had some hair calf bags for years, but I don't use them for everyday bags. I only use them on the weekends.
  8. Oh I would keep it because:

    1) it looks fantastic on you!!
    2) you will probably only use it occasionally/weekends so balding should not be a problem

    Good luck with your decision!
  9. jmcadon - The bag looks very chic. Are you going to keep it? Who is the Beatles fan...a gold record? Abbey Road?
  10. Thanks jburgh! I think I will keep this bag. I really like the style and size.
    That room is filled with Beatles memorabilia. We got that particular piece from a gallery on Maui called Celebrities. It is a signed album cover(original) and gold record(not original, but an actual album dipped in gold). Both DH and I are die hard fans.
  11. Thanks Robynbenz!
    That is my excersize/beatles/car pictures room. I'm actually pretty good about using the work out stuff...most of the time:graucho:
  12. Wow, jm, you ROCK that bag!!!:yahoo: And I love your exercise equipment/memorabilia. We ain't got none o' that around here in the midwest (except for Robyn). We prefer to go natural... naturally fat!!

    Glad you're keeping the bag!!!
  13. JM, it looks great on you. As Jayjay said, if you're not using it frequently, the balding.patching problem shouldn't occur. Enjoy her!
  14. I think it is a keeper, jmcadon, because it looks fabulous on you! One tip I heard about keeping the balding problem at bay is to rotate the bag from side to side every often when you are carrying it. Or how about also varying the length of the strap so you aren't always rubbing the same spots?
  15. It's looking lovely on you JM. Congrats on your new Choo! :tup: