New pics!! From the voyage catalogue! I will get the saleya azur!

  1. Ok, as you guys know i have been waiting for 6 weeks for my saleya PM in azur! Finally it came in today!!! :yahoo:I tried it on and i was in love straight away so im like yes il take it! Then :sad:I realised I forgot my credit note!!! So I have to go back tomorrow to pick it up! I would go back today but i will be losing out on sunbathing time! Lol.
    So yeh Im finally getting my saleya!!!:tup:

    Anywho, I was talking to the manager for ages and all the SAs at my boutique have looked at tPF!! They think its great!
    I saw the pre-fall SERGENT bag! OMFG it is gorgeous!!! The embossing is done the other way round! So the motifs stick out! V pretty!!!

    The Birmingham boutique has 3 patchwork speedys, 2 cirrus one in beige one in ecru and a stratus. They also had a dentelle speedy and a lvoe scarf. (if anyone is interested!)

    So I will post pics of my saleya tomorrow! x

    Because I have been waiting for ages he gave me some catologues~ From the Le Voyage catalouge May 2007~ Here are some pics!

    This is the front cover, its like you are inside the trunk looking out!
  2. New epi bag

    The berkeley!

    Pomme travel case and trolly!!! Yummy!!!
  3. Mixture of LV xx

    The neverfull collection! With a trunks scarf!!!

    And the back of the catalogue!Again looking out of a LV trunk!

  4. thats so cool!! i picked my cataloge up at the store a few days ago too!!

    I :heart: the Pomme Beauty case!!
  5. Great pics, thanks for scanning.
    I love the new Epi bag, looks like a great work bag :tup:. The travel case is cute as well..
  6. Tfs!
  7. Amazing...I fall in love with LV more and more each day!
  8. Yum Yum Yum @ The Beauty Case!!! Does Anyone have the prices yet for the Vernis items pictured there?
  9. I love the scarf!! and the damier azur bag too really cute too.Congrats on your purchase
  10. I love the vernis train case.
  11. WOW...the Berkeley looks almost like the Stephen...without the shoulder strap! Huh....I kinda like it!!!!

    I want that scarf too!!!

    Thanks for the pics....I need to get off my butt and get one of these catalogs!
  12. I know I need the trunks scarf too!
  13. Thanks for the pics! Can't wait to see your Saleya:graucho:
  14. That pomme travel case is TDF!
  15. Anyone know any more info about this scarf...i need one!!!!