New pics from NM Troy, Mi

  1. Here you go ladies. Just got this from my SA, Lisa Hamlin from NM in Troy. Call her if you are interested (248) 635-8442:nuts:

    1. Naked Bag $895 (scarf inside bag sold separately)

    2. Lady Braid $1195

    3. Medium Soft-n-Chain in black. $1950

    4. Medium Classic python. $2495. Chanel calls the color Purple. However in
    person the bag is really a beautiful pale pink!:heart::heart::heart:

    DSC00746.JPG DSC00745.JPG DSC00737.JPG DSC00744.JPG

  2. Thanks aloot for sharing with us those beauties .... :heart:
    i like the naked bag ... :heart: :heart: and the pink python :love: :tender:
  3. I love the medium Soft and Chain, Jag. Have you seen it in person?
  4. Thanks for posting! :flowers: But i thought the lady braid flap was $1995? No? :confused1:
  5. Thanks jag! I love that python!!!
  6. sigh...Loves them all..LOL
  7. Thanks for posting pics! I really like the idea of the naked bag with a pretty scarf inside. It reminds me of when I was a kid when my mother went out on the town she had an evening bag that was clear and she had a bunch of pretty hankerchiefs she would line the inside of the bag with that complimented the outfit she was wearing. It was like having a million bags in one. I may NEED to get a naked bag and some pretty scarves.:graucho:
  8. NM Troy also has the jumbo flap caviar with the new chain in stock as well as an e/w black lambskin flap with new chain, cotton club compact wallet silver and black, timeless clutch black caviar. Saw them today :smile:
  9. Yay! Another michigan PFer! Where are you from? Definitely PM me- there are a bunch of us on here!
  10. Hi tln! I have not seen it IRL, but Lisa said that it is gorgeous IRL. The leather is supposed to be incredible. I will hopefully make it over there in the next week or two so will let you know. BUt I think Jill here has had a few of these so she can tell you the specs!
  11. I recently bought that handbag from NM, and the leather feels so good to the touch! The bag itself is not heavy at all with a strap like! All I can say is I :heart: it!
  12. Love the pics!
    Thanks for posting!
  13. That's what I was thinking...

    Thanks for posting jag!:yes:
  14. I think you are right! LOL! It was a typo!! Sorry about that:heart:
  15. A few weeks ago, I just saw the lady braid flap at Saks and the price was $1995. It's so beautiful. I saw both purple and black ones.

    Thank you, Jag for sharing with us.