New pics from NM Catalog

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  1. None of the SS2007 bags, but still pretty to look at:
    Navy Baby Cabas.jpg Chanel Shoes NM.jpg Caviar Tote.jpg Gold Luxury Tote.jpg
  2. Oh wow! I love the Gold Luxury Tote!:nuts:
    Thanks for sharing..;)
  3. It looks about half the size of the one Swanky posted from a much earlier NM catalog.:yes:
  4. that baby cabas doesn't look like the navy one we have seen, the color is much brighter in this pic AND the strap is NOT the classic strap! The navy one we have seen so far has the classic strap but this one have the strap just like the bronze and dark silver. I wonder if this one in the picture is newly released!
  5. oh thank you so much for posting these.
  6. thank you Mon for posting these!! great eye candy!
  7. such beautiful bags! thanks for posting!!
  8. Damn, I love that navy cabas!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. I agree, the gold tote looks much smaller than the other pics that have been posted. I love the color!!
  10. Thank you for this, Mon!
  11. thanks for posting this, mon! where is my NM catalog??
    i really like that bag in the 3rd picture- it looks so practical and functional while still being cute.
  12. Jennifer,

    I haven't gotten mine yet either
  13. OMG thats the bag I have fallen in love with, the last picture the tote, does anyone know if its a shiney metallic, it does not even look metallic from the pictures. Just love that bag........
  14. YUM. I tried the peep-toe version of those cork wedges today...OOF I'm in love, but not exactly in the market. Thanks for posting these!
  15. I love the gold tote.