New Pics from my SA from NM! Great bags!!! Rodeo & Soft n Chain!!!

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  1. My SA, Lisa Hamlin, from NM just sent me these pics of some of the inventory (posted in here because these aren't the newest bags! Call Lisa at (248) 635-8442 if you have any questions!!!


    1. Rodeo Drive Tote-$2750.00
    Black-Calf Skin
    Spring "07

    2. Soft -N- Chain Hobo-$2350.00

    3. Rodeo Drive Tote-$2750.00
    White-Calf Skin
    Spring "07"

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  2. is the chain on this gold/silver? It kinda looks silver in the pic, but my SA said it only came in gold hw?
  3. thanks for posting!

    I'm so tempted but I'm supposed to be on a ban.
  4. Very cute! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks Jag for sharing the info. The bags from Rodeo Drive collection come with gold hardware, but the Soft-N-Chain comes with silver hardware. If the Rodeo hobo comes with silver chain, I'll definitely order it.
  6. Thanks for posting the pictures. The Soft-N-Chain Hobo is very tempting.
  7. thanks for posting the pictures!
  8. Thanks for the posting...
  9. Love the Soft n Chain Hobo! Thakns for sharing!
  10. Is the soft and chain lambskin?
  11. Yes, lambskin and amazingly soft.
  12. Thanks for posting Jag! the soft and chain is lovely!
  13. they look so soft and pretty!!
  14. Thanks for posting these pics jag! I love the black Soft & Chain hobo!
  15. I've been eyeing the Soft & Chain too! I wonder if that strap is comfortable...