New Pics from my SA at NM!!! Enjoy!!!

  1. I was in the mood for white bags. So Lisa Hamlin sent me these pics to tempt me. Here you go!!!

    Soft Handle $1995
    Rock & Chain Flap $1850
    Small Madison $1850
    Soft & Chain Pouchette $950

    Call Lisa Hamlin if you are interested in anything (248) 635-8442!!
    DSC00877.JPG DSC00878.JPG DSC00879.JPG DSC00880.JPG
  2. More coming right now
  3. ooooh!!!PURTY!!
  4. Lambskin Pouchette New Chain $1550
    Rock & Chain Wristlet $1975

    GAH!!!!!!! I want them all!
    DSC00881.JPG DSC00882.JPG
  5. i am so in love with the first one.
  6. Love the pouchette w/the new chain!
  7. I can't do white! I can't! I can't!
    Yet they all look so pretty!! :sweatdrop:

    Thanks Jill for passing on the tempations!
  8. wow what great bags. I am just scared with white, as I toss my bags around.
  9. The madison, the soft chain pouchette and the lambskin new chain pouchette are killing me right now!
  10. White bags are beautiful but just for careful people
  11. Great pics, thanks!!
  12. Wowza!! All the bags are hot!
  13. So pretty!
  14. omg, the white pouchette with new chain is so adorable. i love it. but i would be so scared of getting it dirty! my friend has one in lambskin and it didn't hold up too well at all....that's why i got the white caviar
  15. anyone own one of these that can attest to their maintenance level? Are they scary or enjoyable to own???