New Pics from my SA and DOUBLE POINTS at NM!

  1. Because it's double points at NM this weekend, my SA (Lisa Hamlin) sent more pictures to entice me! SO of course, I am sharing them with all of you!

    Call Lisa at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested in anything! If you get her voicemail, just leave a message as she will definitely call you back!

    1. Jumbo Black Patent $2395.002.

    2. Large Black Diamond Tote $1995.00
    (I really want this one!:p)

    3. Large Lady Braid in Deep Blue and Black (2281) also comes in grey $2995.00
    DSC02203.JPG DSC02204.JPG DSC02241.JPG DSC02281.JPG
  2. Some more.....

    Timeless Classic Med. in Dark White Lambskin with the (old chain) silver hardware $2150.00

    Med. Classic in White Caviar with the new chain $2150.00

    Grey Jumbo Lambskin with the new chain $2395.00

    DSC02184.JPG DSC02179.JPG DSC02181.JPG DSC02182.JPG
  3. That diamond stitch tote has me :drool:!
  4. I think the large lady braid is starting to grow on me...Thanks for sharing the pictures...
  5. still in love with that gray jumbo! sooo pretty! thanks for sharing!
  6. i :love: the diamond bag!!!
  7. Why is the medium White Caviar retail for $2150? i thought it's retail for $1995? So does that means white is more expensive than black?:confused1:
  8. Love them all!
  9. i "need" that pure white medium with the new chain!! but why is it so pricey? i thought it was supposed to be $1995 too? hmm
  10. Love them!
  11. I noticed that too.....very unusual indeed. I know for a fact that for that serial-# bag (that exact model, medium caviar with new Bijoux chain), prices for the other colors such as black & red were all at $1,995 (well before they sold-out), on par with the $1,995 price for medium caviar flaps with the "old"/traditional leather-intertwined chain. The lambskin version of the medium flap is priced at $2,150....shouldn't caviar be cheaper? I too am confused.
  12. The diamond tote is gorgeous!
  13. everything looks so yummy!!!i want the diamond tote!!!
  14. it's because of the new chain, isn't it?
  15. i remember the old chain and the new chain were equal in price? but i might be wrong on this. I also purchased my jumbo caviar with the new chain for $2250. Which equals to the ones with the old chain. I am confused now haha