New PICS from BNY aqua and anthracite Twiggy, sandstone City

  1. The lighting is so bad when they take these pics, but here are the ones that Daphne sent earlier today. I want to see anthracite in natural light, preferably sunlight. Aqua is still gorgeous but this Twiggy is a little too veiny. I asked for some veins but this one has too many. :p

  2. I really love the sandstone! And the aqua is gorgeous.
  3. Me too. I just can't decide what anthracite looks like. I think the color may be too muddy for me. Green blue and black can be a very bad mixture or a very good mixture. I think this one is going to vary a lot from bag to bag.
  4. goshh...the sandstone is TDF...i like greige...i like caramel...and i will definitely love sandstone...wowwwwwww...

    twiggy is also gorgeous in aqua...but i've got BI already...still thinking whether i should sell it to fund my aqua :smile:
  5. That's tough because I think they are very different. I love BI but I love aqua too. BI is more pastel and dusty. Aqua is more saturated, much darker and more vivid.
  6. Powder, thank you SO much for all these pics! I really get a thrill every time I see them, and it makes the decision-making process much easier, as my local store barely carries any bags that one can view.

    *Major positive karma for you* :flowers: :heart:
  7. i am totally loving sandstone!!! i really want the city too. thanks for the pics!
  8. Gorgeous pics. I am really loving the anthracite. And aqua, too, of course. Oh - and sandstone. Heck, I love them all.
  9. I definately have to have an aqua Twiggy. I love that color in that style. My mom is getting the sandstone in the Giant GH in the new Hobo style. I'm tempted to get a sandstone City and borrow her GH since I'm still on the fence about that look on the bbags. :graucho:
  10. I love aqua!! Thanks for posting ;)
  11. Great pics powder thanks! I love Aqua .. but hate breaking in new bags. Gah.
  12. Wow!!!! That sandstone city is TDF!! The leather looks fab!!!!:wtf:
  13. powder..... you really are the GREATEST :yahoo: :winkiss: :queen: !!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for always posting the newest pics :yahoo: - it's really helpful to be updated all the time around :yes: ;) !

    I personally LOVE the aquamarine :drool: but also the sandstone looks very very nice, it's more neutral for wearing it with all style and colors of clothes, I think.
  14. omg I love the aqua its so summery:smile: now all I have to do is save up for it lol
  15. Love them all! I may order a Work in Anthracite and Aqua. I want to compare the Aqua to my Teal. I just got a teal work the other day and I love it. The leather is so buttery smooth but I wish the color was brighter. I'm hoping Aqua will be what I'm looking for.