new pics from an

  1. Wow! Can't wait to see these (especially the pleated ergos) in the new spring colors!
  2. Love the patent pleated ergos...can't wait!
  3. Must have pleated ergo, so cute!
  4. oh wow.... I love that Bleeker straw Millie hobo, how perfect for summer!
  5. can't wait for the pleated ergo!! the straw tote was pretty cute, but i'm not liking the clear XL tote.
  6. I love the pleated Ergo & the sandals!!
  7. Love the Hamptons totes and shoes!
  8. I already know those bangles won't go over my hands...but they are TDF.
  9. I love the Hamptons totes...I'm all over that blue one if these come to the US!

    And I also love the straw Millie hobo.
  10. I really love the Bleeker Straw Totes . . . and the pleated Ergos. I'm going to be in trouble this summer!
  11. pleated ergos are cute, I have heard they are huge though.. and those sandals are tdf! :drool:
  12. Such cute stuff! I was planning on getting an ergo soon, but now I may just have to hold off until the pleated ergos come out! Thanks for posting this!
  13. Oh I love the limited edition Bleecker straw Millie hobo!

    I wonder how much this baby will be?!?!?
  14. according to one of the catalogs, the large bangle is hinged so it opens.