New pic of Mirage

  1. [​IMG]

    I hope this hasnt been posted. its only a small pic but shoes how the speedy would look worn. :flowers:
  2. Thanks socialite! It has been posted but who cares! I love to see pics!
    It looks gorgeous! x
  3. ah crap I kind of like it again! Darn it! LOL
  4. haha both will have to get it...Omg I just noticed that I put Shoes instead of Shows haha....a must of been thinking about shoes lol
  5. I love it! But i still want a damier speedy... I guess i could always get both? :nuts: thanks for the pics :flowers:
  6. they look amazing!
  7. cute!
  8. I love this pic of the degrade being worn! I can't wait to have this bag! Thanks for posting!
  9. nice,may i just ask who's that lady?? she wears it well.
  10. Thanks for sharing anyway, Steve!:flowers:
  11. thanks everyone, Im glad you like the pic, Unfortunately I dont know who the lady is in the pic, but she carries it beautifully
  12. Carla Sibal. She's the editor-in-chief of Mega magazine-philippines
  13. I love mirage! ^_^
  14. OMG!! I'm in love!
  15. i *REALLY* want the speedy mirage for my birthday...time to drop some major hints to the BF :p