New Photos of our baby Giraffe! With other animals thrown in.....

  1. Lewis is growing like a weed. He is 19 days old and already weighs 193 lbs. He is about 6' 9". Here he is taking his bottle from me. He is fed about 7 times a day, 1.75 quarts per feeding. This will increase in the next couple of days. He is going to be a very large boy!!!

    feeding lewis.jpg
  2. What a sweeeeet babyy!!!!!
  3. Here is one of our 2 new female baby opossums. We are raising them for the childrens education programs. They don't have names yet. They are so friggin cute. This one was snoozing away in her little sleeping pouch.

    sleepy opossum.jpg
  4. Here is "Stimpy", our male civet. Doing what he loves to do most during the day. Sleep. Sorry for the reflection in the nursery window.

    sleepy civet.jpg
  5. He is so cute!! I've always liked giraffes, and that baby giraffe is tdf :love: The opossum is also really cute, she reminds me of a little cuddly toy. You are soooo lucky that gets to work with these animals.
  6. You are so lucky. I soooo love giraffes. We got to feed the giraffes last year at the Santa Barbara zoo and I started to cry. Trust me I'm not a crier but I just loved the giraffes so much.
  7. OMG, the fingers on that baby possum are just too cute!
  8. Lovely photos of amazing (and very cute) animals, bagsnshoo! :heart:

    It must be fantastic to feed a baby giraffe! :nuts:

    Thanks for posting! :flowers:
  9. its quite messy! they drool alot and its very thick. practically need a wet suit to feed them!
  10. Oh I want to have a field trip to the zoo!!
  11. Aww.. I love the civet cat, and the baby giraffe !!! Sooo cute !

    And you're like the hottest zookeeper ever ! :graucho:
  12. Just PM me whenever you plan to go. I'll get you behind the scenes.
  13. you are waaaay too nice! (notice I turn my head away from the camera!:lol: )
  14. Awww...the opossums is soooo cute!! I love the giraffe too. Thanks for sharing.
  15. omg! this is possibly the cutest thread ever!!!!
    Lewis is sooo cute!! Hes all long & gangly!

    I think my baby, my dog Rocko must be a civet in disguise cos thats exactly how he sleeps :biggrin:

    How about 'Manolo' & 'Christian' for the names of the baby possums! ;)

    Seriously! too cute!! but lets see plenty more critters!