New Photos of Chocolate Sheen in Sun!!

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  1. I posted photos of my choc. sheen WTM midi several weeks ago but I have received two PMs requesting updated photos of what my purse looks like in the sun :sunshine:or brighter light since it was so dreary the day I took pictures. I hope this helps!!
    whispertome 030.jpg whispertome 029.jpg whispertome 004.jpg whispertome 002.jpg
  2. I love it!!!
  3. oooh, so nice!! thanks for the gorgeously delicious pics!
  4. Just a few more...
    whispertome 003.jpg whispertome 028.jpg whispertome 034.jpg whispertome 005.jpg whispertome 010.jpg
  5. that gold hardware looks GREAT!!
  6. Thanks for the great pics.! I've been curious about this color and leather and it looks gorgeous. I may need a TMA or something in this color eventually.
  7. It looks great!! Every time I see a WTM it makes me want mine now!! I hope you're enjoying it!
  8. I really like the WTM in chocolate sheen. It looks great on you!
  9. It's such a pretty bag! Would you say it's very shiny?
  10. Love it!!!!
    Thanks for so many great pics. Have to have something in this leather.:love:
  11. Choc sheen is a fantastic colour isn't it? It looks rich and classy.

    My name is Morebags and I have purse envy. HELP!!
  12. Chocolate Crash is clearly stunning in all lights - many thanks for the extra and terrifically lovely photos.
  13. Thankyou for posting pictures that is a truely lovely bag
  14. It's a wonderful colour and leather! You take good pics too.
    Congrats with your lovely bag!
  15. Thanks, asbb! It does look slightly shiny when it is in full sun but it is no more shiny than the glossy leathers. I have been a stranger around here for awhile, so maybe someone knows from speaking with Rose or Jackie, but I think "sheen" might be another word for "glossy"? We need an expert Belenista to speak up here:woohoo:!!