New Pharrell clip - Is that a miroir keepall ??

  1. Has anyone seen the new Pharrell and Kanye West clip to "Number 1" ?? I have this clip on my computer... so its hard to tell... but there are a few scenes where Pharrell is dancing and hes holding this huge Keepall... it looks like a MIROIR to me, but hard to tell on the computer.... Can anyone confirm ??

    By the Way.. its hilarious watching them do their crazy 80s nightclub style dancing.. hahahahaha and Pharrell dancing and holding a giant keepall looks wierd.. hehe :jammin:
  2. Yes it is a Silver Miroir Keepall. ;)
  3. oh cool thanx...

    it looks black though...

    ive seen some pics of the silver speedy from the runway show where it also looks black...
  4. ..was it silver? I watched the music video a while back... I dunno. :P
  5. yeah...I remember he has the Silver 55 Bandouliere...doesn't let go of it till half the video...
  6. ...I wouldn't wanna let go of it either... LOL.
  7. Yeah the runway show had a color that was pewter/black..then they just cut it down to only silver and gold.
    I think the one from the video was probably the one from the runway.
  8. oh shame :sad:

    i really like the black as its a lot more subtle
  9. I know..I was hoping they WOULD make that color since I definitely would have gone for it but for my big bag, I'm going with the silver. I really think it'll be a lot better in person.