New pet bed for Kitten the Persian!

  1. I love to spoil my little Persian, who is named Kitten. She's 4 and pretty small at under 8 pounds. But she's very fluffy!

    She loves to sleep on things like pillows and down comforters. So when I saw this pet bed on the Neiman Marcus site, I knew she had to have it. It is so thick -- at least 6 inches thick -- and it is so soft. I'm so happy she loves it!

    P.S. The strings are shoe laces that she enjoys carrying around the house in her mouth. She brings them to DH and me as gifts all the time!

    Here's the link to the bed on NM's site:

  2. What a cute bed!! And your kitty is so ADORABLE!! Very pretty, I always love looking at her in your avatar!!
  3. cute!
  4. Darling picture of kitten.
  5. Aw she is so gorgeous. And looks like she is loving the bed!
  6. AWWWW SHE LOVES THE BED!!!:heart: And SOOO CUTE about her shoe lace fettish:love: She loves you so much~~~
  7. Aw how adorable...she really likes it!
  8. Well, apparently the bed also works with a back paw draped over the edge ... how comfy is that?

  9. Aaaaw, she's so cute. It's always fun to watch them sleep because they always come up with the weirdest positions to sleep in :p
  10. Oh, she is cute. She looks super comfy! My cat won't even use her pillows- she would rather sleep on the top of the couch cushions... I wish she would not!
  11. Awwww, so cute! :love:
  12. So cute! I don't know what's wrong with my cat - I've gotten her two different (and really cute beds) but she prefers to sleep anywhere but. Strange:smile:
  13. I can tell she loves

  14. Likewise, I bought my cat ( who was 2 when we got him ) a bed and he has yet to even check it out. I'm giving the bed away to my sister.
  15. very cute!