New person to say hi & share my experience with Bluefly

  1. First of all, hi. I've been reading posts here for a while. I love Gucci!

    I wanted a new one for my birthday and have been agonizing over which to buy. In the past, I have ordered clothing from them and been very pleased. Always authentic. SO. . when they recently received a bunch of Gucci handbags, I was thrilled. They had one in particular that is my favorite. It's the Biba hobo 159406. I own this bag in the canvas with off-white leather trim. It's been my favorite summer bag. When I saw it there in black guccissima leather, I almost croaked. Well, I received the bag and it looked great. However, something was nagging me. After a little online research, I read about the problem with other brands on Bluefly. And having never seen a BLACK Biba in leather, I decided to call Gucci. According to Atlanta and New York, they never made this bag in Black Guccissima. So, I called Bluefly very upset. They were VERY nice to me. The lady said that sometimes they get prototypes. Bags that Gucci only made a few off but never decided to sell. Now honestly, I don't know if that's true or not. This bag looks EXACTLY like the one I ordered personally from Gucci. However, I can't feel good about it now. I just have to send it back. I'm really frustrated because I want it but I want it to be real. Can anyone relate? Is the prototype story bogus? Also, they are having me send the bag directly to their New York facilities to be "checked out". She did say at the end that sometime their buyers are fooled by bad suppliers. It really makes me mad that they can make something so close to the real thing that I can't even tell. I just really would like to know if the prototype thing is just something they offer as an excuse when something like this happens or if Gucci really did make this bag. Unfortunately, either way it's going back. I just won't ever feel good about it.
  2. I'm curious too. I want to get a gucci from bluefly as well.
  3. if it comes in brown, why not black? maybe its from gucci overseas collection?
  4. Bluefly has sold FAKE Balenciagas and FAKE Chloes. I wouldn't be surprised if they are selling fake Gucci's too.
  5. hmm well I have the gucci biba hobo in the brown canvas and if u read my post (its called "ahhh!" lol) you will see the trouble I am going through with mines. I do feel it is real but definitely defected or something...after this whole ordeal is over I will definitely be staying away from bluefly.
  6. Am curious now that they said they sometimes get fooled by their suppliers - wouldn't Gucci or a well know dept store be the supplier?, why would any one else have a lot of Guccis for sale - that seems really odd to me.
  7. That does sound a little strange - why would a high end brand sell their prototypes instead of destroying them, let alone have that number of them produced ?

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