New Perfume: Hermes Kelly Caleche

  1. My SA just sent me some of this and I love it! I am normally not drawn to flowery type perfume but this one is wonderful.

    Here's description from the website:

    The unexpected caress of leather among flowers. Mimosa, iris, tuberose, and climbing rose. A floral perfume touched by leather.
  2. Oooh...I wanna check this out! Thanks for the info!
  3. I tried it at NM the other day. I like it, but Hermes' scents don't have any staying power. I have a bottle of Rose Ekabana that I hardly wear anymore. It's a shame because it was pricey.
  4. I have not smelled this but the only Hermes perfume I ever liked was Hermes 24 Faubourg.
  5. I got a bottle of this at BG last month and I LOVE it. It's light enough that I can wear it every day and it doesn't make me sneeze. The scent does fade but I've found that when I spray it on in the morning, I can still smell it later in the evening.
  6. I wore it all day today and I have to say this perfume has staying power! I can still faintly smell it. Loves!
  7. I really wanted to love ANY Hermes fragrance but I find them a little too vintage for my liking. Is this any different?
  8. really? Rose Ikebana lasts a long time on me. . . as do most Hermes fragrances
  9. I love this fragrance! I got a sample when I ordered my silk twilly from At first I didn't like it, but after a minute or two it just smelled, wow. It really has a staying power too.
  10. oooh I want to try this!!
  11. I've only smelled Merveilles @ Sephora. It didnt smell like an old lady to me.
  12. I've smelled it :tup:
  13. Rose Ikebana smells very similar to this new one for Hermes. I love Rose Ikebana and 24. Those are my two signature Hermes scents. Hermes perfumes don't necessarily smell the best when first sprayed. Once they settle though, they are terrific.