New Pedro Garcias! Yay or Nay?

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  1. Ok ladies, please help decide if I should keep these or not. I posted these shoes on another forum and most people didn't like them. But they're on sale at Saks and I couldn't resist. Here's the problem, they're slingbacks, but the have NO ELASTIC in the back. And my DH says they make my feet look wider (see last pic). I've always wanted these shoes, but if they look horrible on me I won't keep them. Please tell me honestly what you think about them!

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  2. I think they are ugly and your money can be spent wisely somewhere else, but if you like them..then it shouldnt matter what anyone thinks :smile:
  3. i dont like them at all...and just because they are on sale doesn't mean you should get them ( i mean that about anything on sale) some people will buy something just because it's on sale they might think the item is just it's ok but they can't pass up the price
  4. Honestly....they do make your feet look wide. I hate saying bad things :crybaby:
    I would return them. I saw a bunch of other cute things at Saks the other day. :P
  5. I'm a big fan of his d'Orsay Dior pump ....I am also not feeling this style as much
    I'd say save the funds for something else you are in love with and make you feel fabulous and fit you right
  6. I was looking at this shoe on Saks too. I really like the style, but the gaping side is kinda strange. I'd maybe try another style?
  7. if you like it then keep it!!
  8. The fit looks really poor which means they could give you problems. If you are even questioning whether to keep them then they should be going back
  9. I agree with Mooks. If you are having any doubts, send them back and buy some that you are 100% happy with.:yes:
  10. I think you should return them - they even look like they're pinching your feet.
  11. as such they are not bad but they are gaping - that is just poor fit, not really making your feet wide. poor fit in shoes is not good IMO, and it makes shoes look cheap.

    you know lots of celebs wear shoes that seem either too small or too big - and you just wonder why they spend all this cash if they can't get properly fitting shoes???

    I would send them back, just for that reason.
  12. I think they look beautiful from the side view :tup: but if you have any doubts return them and get something else you love.
  13. Thanks for all your advice! I am gonna return them today! I usually love or hate shoes right away. But on these I was unsure because I had been eyeing them for a while. However, the fit is really weird. The toe is really narrow, they're gaping on the sides, and there's no elastic in tha back. So, I'll save $250!
    Thanks again ladies!

    p.s. lara-I see a lot of celebrities wearing shoes that are way too big! And I really hate it!
  14. Actually, I like them! Looks very comfy!
  15. They don't seem to fit you quite right.
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