new pebbled leather bag

  1. so i haev a new outlet find- a pebbled leather bag. given that i live in a place w snow 6 months of the yr, and rain too, should i b protecting it?
  2. I just did a search, I read that someone did spray their pebbled leather bag with Apple Guard and it turned out fine. I do know that you should NEVER use the Coach conditioner on pebbled leather or it will ruin it. So, if you're worried about rain and snow maybe try the Apple Guard. Hope this helped.
  3. thanks for the response!
  4. you're welcome. :tup:
  5. I asked the same question once about pretreating the Coach pebbled leather and someone told me that Coach bags are supposed to be treated already so no need for additional one. So I didn't take the risk. I was told it's easy to clean pebbled leather by just using damp cloth.
  6. GREAT question! I am also interested in knowing if we need to apply protectant of any kind such as Apple conditioner to the pebbled leather bags! I am in love w/ the Cheleas turnlock hobo in toffee pebbled leather!!! I hope someone can let us know if it is safe to use Apple on pebbled leather!!!
  7. No conditioners or cleaners for pebbled leather, only a damp cloth. Conditioners, cleaners and protectants can actually cause the leather to unpebble. I live in Michigan and have used pebbled leather in the winter without problems. Snow, salt and other wintery messes have all come off with a damp cloth.
  8. Thanks so much, Mokoni!!! This is sooo great to know as I have sold a few leather bags that I LOVED due to the high maintenance of them w/ our unpredictable weather conditions here in NY! I am so happy to see that there is a COACH leather that CAN safely be used in the snow/rain/etc, that has absolutely NO maintenance to it. Can you use baby wipes on it, or just water on a cloth?Thank you again!!!!
  9. I don't have children so I don't have baby wipes laying around but I probably wouldn't risk it. There is a chemical on the wipes that could potentially damage the leather.
  10. Thanks!!!
    Also does anyone know if pebbled leather scratches like the legacy leather does, and if it shows? Thanks, guys!!!!
  11. ^I have never had a scratch on any of mine. :nogood:
  12. GREAT! I think I found my new leather bag...the Chelsea pebbled leather hobo in toffee!!!! Now I just have to decide on the medium or the large!!!