New pearl necklace I bought

  1. I just bought this four strand 28 inches slider that is freshwater cultured pearls. I love them because you can adjust them with the slider and the best part....they were on sale!:yahoo: I also already have a traditional set of pearls with matching bracelet and earrings. So I may wear the earrings with the new slider ones.

    I think my new slider ones could look dramatic with a deep v dress when I go out to the theater!:heart:

    Picture from Kohl's website by the way.
  2. Very unique! It would look great with a dress like that.
  3. Congrats, it's lovely.
  4. that's so pretty. congrats!
  5. great necklace, you can't go wrong with pearls.... enjoy them!
  6. Very nice, congrats!
  7. Thanks everyone! I love pearls and I think these will go great with a dramatic neckline (like a V neck) outfit.
  8. Very elegant pearls. :heart: them.
  9. Pearls are always a great purchase! Use them and love them!
  10. Those are intense! Very cool. :smile:
  11. Very nice! Multi-strands and adjustable-perfect choice!!! Enjoy!
  12. omg, thats stunning!
  13. What an interesting piece! I love interesting pieces... congrats!
  14. Oh I love it! Never seen any style like that before. Congrats!
  15. Congratulations it is beautiful.