New Pearl Chanel

  1. Love so much

  2. Beautiful! Modeling pics please :smile:
  3. what beauties! love them all esp the pearl necklace!
  4. They are beautiful.

  5. Those earrings are super cute, especially w/ the pearls!!
  6. love pearls and Chanel! Perfect match for elegance
  7. I Agree,Perfect Coco Chanel elegance
  8. Yes I love it so much and I'm afraid it looks too mature when I try it but It's not

  9. Not too mature at all! Looks great!!
  10. congrats :biggrin: love the earrings
  11. Nice!!
  12. I guess I got the same pair of earrings! Gonna go get them now out of the box & take pic. Will show u mine, because I guess mine are with different stone colors
  13. This is the pair I got! They are with the purple stones, guess yours are with black stones? :P
  14. Gorgeous...congrats.
  15. Looks great on you! Congrats!