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  1. I just received an invitation for 25% off, starts March 7th through March 16th.
  2. Same here! Darn! No 30%!
  3. Is the Borough still excluded?
  4. I don't even get the 25% ones.

  5. yes
  6. Thanks. I figured as much :pout:. I really want the chambray one, but am not willing to pay full price.
  7. Was it sent via regular mail?

  8. yes, it came in the mail today but there wasn't one to share like there usually is.
  9. Thanks! Will be interested to see if I get one :smile:
  10. Wow, another one already...I hope I get one this time!
  11. Ah I need one
  12. Just got mine in the mail, so excited! And this one should still be going on when the next floor set hits. I'm really hoping for some new spring bags.
  13. I just got mine in the mailbox! This is crazy how often they are sending these out!
  14. PM if you want the online code for the 25% off. I won't be using mine.
  15. Got mine in the mail too.