New Paypal rule for fakes?

  1. I've had to open claims, get carol diva/my poupette involved for fake Louis Vuitton many times. Each time, I open the claim, if they dispute, I escalate and fax over info from my poupette saying its fake.

    Then, Paypal asks me to "resolve" by sending the bag to them with a tracking number, and once they confirm I've shipped, my money gets returned back to me.

    Lately, I've had two cases where it says the money was refunded right away, but it does not show up on my balance. I called Paypal and they said I have to send it back to the seller and EMAIL them the tracking number. This sounds weird.

    Is this a new policy I am not aware of?
  2. Hello: I bought a fake coach purse on eBay and I need to get someone to verify that it is a fake. How do I go about doing that? Thanks. I'm new to this board.

  3. Need to post at the "authenticate this" coach thread. :yes:
  4. It appears that they do it different each time. I have heard some say that had to fax proof they destroyed it, some have had to return it and some have had to send it to paypal......seems that it must depend on who is handling the case.:confused1:
  5. So they are not asking for a written authentication anymore? Great for buyers, but really bad for sellers. So anyone can yell "fake!" and get their money back???
  6. ^^I thought they made you authenticate BEFORE you sent it back, destroyed it or sent it to paypal. I could be wrong...
  7. I"m sorry if I wasn't clear, the bag in question was authenticated by Carol, and I faxed in the proof to Paypal like I usually do...the seller agreed to refund, but this time instead of clicking the "resolve" button on the case to add tracking to get my money back, they have closed the case and told me to mail this back to the seller.

    It is annoying this way because the funds are still being held, but it says "refunded." I'm a bit wary about this sending it back first and then emailing Paypal the tracking.
  8. This is not new, and quite frankly I got royally screwed with this. I sent the bag back with a tracking number, and the tracking site was down when Paypal tried to track the item. Since they could not track the bag (the seller already had the bag back) they did NOT refund my money. So I was out the fake bag (I lost my proof of the bag being fake) and my $$$$!
  9. No, this is correct. Once your tracking number shows delivered PP releases the funds to you. The seller doesn't have the money, PP does. Require signature confirmation, and insure it for what you paid and you'll be fine.
  10. When you file a dispute against a seller, PayPal immediately freezes that amount in the sellers account or pulls it from whatever banking institution they have tied to their account. They are "out" these funds until the entire thing is decided. Also, depending on which brand purse it is, the other methods are different. With a fake Burberry, I had to email pictures to an email addy provided by PayPal to a Burberry rep. Then after the rep said yes it is fake, PayPal had me ship the item to Burberry and then I got my refund. With the fake LV's I had, I faxed them over the authentication from Carol and then was told to ship the item back to seller. I then provided them w/ a delivery tracking number on one of the shipments, the second one was like yours and I did not have the box to put that in. I just made sure I documented everything and used delivery AND signature conformation on both my return shipments.
  11. Thank you for the comments girls, I really appreciate it, you can never be too careful with these shady things!

  12. Just to clarify, you don't get the refund as soon as it shows up as delivered. I returned a fake Prada bag to Paypal returns and the tracking # showed it was delivered. A week went by and I still didn't get a refund showing up anywhere. So I contacted Paypal about this and they said that they were "processing" my refund, and it would take time as an actual human being has to open my package and see that it's the fake bag. Another week went by and I called again and got the same answer. I think a total of THREE WEEKS went by before I finally got my refund in Paypal. So yeah, it does happen once you get your bag delivered, but it's not immediate by any means.
  13. ^^Yep, the email paypal sends you tells you that it can take up to 30 days to process a refund. Fortunately I have always received mine within a couple of days of the DC # but that isn't always the case.