...new patent Luxury pics

  1. ...here are pics of the new Luxury line. Only thing missing is the patent gold bowler. (didnt come in yet) What do you think?? :shrugs:
    patentluxury copy.jpg goldluxury.jpg blackluxuryflap.jpg redluxuryflap.jpg
  2. I love it, then again, I really am partial to patent bags.
  3. I really like them- they have an 'edge'

    Love this one in particular-

    Thanks for sharing DJO!
  4. I LOVE these bags!! Shannon, my SA chose the first one, the patent tote, it's SOOO hot!
  5. wow no bowlers :sad:
  6. price tags keep goin higher..ugh..Im not a fan of patent at all..so these dont do much for me
  7. I love the red and black patent luxe bowlers!
  8. Wait.. Is this for summer or for fall / winter?
  9. Hey Damien *waves*

    So pricey, thank goodness I'm not feelin' them much. Phew!
  10. I really like the flap ones best. All in all though, they don't rock my world like the metallic black lux did previously. I do love the fact that they're doing something so ravishingly different! :heart:
  11. these are pretty big bags though, at least that tote is:yes: the interior is TDF!
  12. Where's the blue? That's my favorite color of this line. Love all these though, thanks for posting!
  13. I love the red flap bag. Its gorgeous, thanks for posting pics.
  14. not partial to patents but thanks for posting!!
  15. I love the black patent tote!