New patent ergos question

  1. Does anyone know if the pleated ergos that are supposed to be out in the spring/summer will come in patent? I think that is the combination I am looking for!
  2. They will in some styles, the colors i've heard are Navy, Pink and Tan.
  3. What's taking those Pleated Ergos sooooo long to come out? I've heard about them for a long while, and I can hardly wait. Then add Patent to the mix, it's killing me...
  4. It's killing me, too!!!!! I cant wait to see what they all look like!!!!!! :yes:
  5. SERIOUSLY! :smash:

  6. PINK ???
  7. Yay!!! I would love a pink patent ergo!!!!
  8. Oooh, tan - that would work. Thanks for the info Sprinkles. If you get any other information, ie. prices, release dates, etc would you please let us know? Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  9. :smash: Right back atcha, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  10. I've been dying for some more pink bags to come out, so that's great news, Sprinkles...what sort of pink, something light or dark? Any chance there will be anything pink coming out in a Carly?
  11. I think I am getting more grey hairs waiting for these darn Ergos! LOL.