New Patent Blue RM Hobo is here!!!!!

  1. Wow is all I can say! This bag is everything I had hoped it would be. Nice large size, standout patent color and only $200.
    It is also very light weight. I love it!!!!!:heart::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  2. It matches the HOT car in your avatar, jmcadon! This one's definitely an eye-catcher, congrats!!
  3. AGH Wheres the pics!? LOL
  4. pic's, where are the pic's?
  5. I wish I would have ordered it!! Can't wait to see pics :p
  6. Congrats! Can't wait for pics!! :woohoo:
  7. I ordered then canceled seeing as I already ordered so much. If I had the expendable income I would have done it!
  8. WHERE ARE THE PICS OF THIS BAG:hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:

    LOL, I want to see them!
  9. C'mon now. We're all waiting for piccies! :popcorn:
  10. Yes yes! pictures pictures!!
  11. Here a some pics. Inside, outside and sitting. I will have DH take a few modeling pics later today.
    minkhoff 002.JPG minkhoff 003.JPG minkhoff 004.JPG
  12. FINALLY, yay!! I love how different it looks in varied lighting. I'm really curious to see the modeling pics as I don't have a sense for the size, but even without seeing them I'm sure it's gorgeous on you!
  13. I'm kicking myself for cancelling my order >__<
  14. Here are modeling pics of this bag. DH took them and you can see what he was focusing on.:amuse: I tried make them bigger or at least crop a little, but I couldn't get it to save, so I hope the bag can be seen!
    minkhoff 009.JPG minkhoff 010.JPG
  15. :tup: it looks very good on you, it is pretty big...very good size