new patchwork

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  1. I'm kind of confused, i know the denim patchwork is coming out (tomorrow?) but in the latest catalog there was also a gold/browns/and khaki patchwork (it was beautiful) is that also coming out tomorrow? because both patchworks say available june(they're shown on ergo bags), so is it just on the ergo bags that won't be available until june or what? because if they're both out tomorrow, i will be in trouble:P
  2. they came out yesterday here and i got the denim patchwork carly but the ergo is precious too !
  3. I was able to order the small patchwork ergo in Indigo 3 weeks ago from JAX.
    Returned it 2 weeks ago and got the large patchwork ergo in Indigo in the store.
    Returned THAT bag last Monday for my large Carly.

    So, they had the Patchwork bags in store 2 weeks ago but were not putting them out yet.
  4. Yes, both patchworks are technically available tomorrow-- one gold and one indigo. The gold satchel with the turnlock-front in the patchwork is PRECIOUS.
  5. i want the new patchwork so cute!!!
  6. i think the new ERGO patchwork is out. i'm having a hard time in choosing which bag to buy...either the new ergo patchwork or the ERGO white leather. anyone have any ideas of which one I should buy? i can't decide. decisions! decisions! :confused1:
  7. i saw the gold and denim patchwork bags today at the the gold's beautiful
    thinking of possibly getting the swingpack in the gold/khaki patchwork!!!!
    anyone else??
  8. I LOVE the colors on the patchwork ergo (pictured above).

    I returned it because I did not like the way it felt or the way the zipper was warped!
  9. Does anyone know if the patchwork has the stripe lining? The satchel w/turnlock specifically....I think I'm in love with that bag and the lining's gonna be the kicker.
  10. No stripe lining on the patchwork bags.
  11. Just saw both patchworks at Dillard's - much cuter in person. I especially liked the Ergo version of the denim. May have to add this to PCE list.