New Patchwork Venetia in beige

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    picture from bloomingdales

    I recently sold one of mj purses, and planning to get something more classic. I have my eye on this one in beige color, but couldn't decide. Need some input from u ladies. Is it hard to get into the bag because of the buckle ties around? and also do the handles sit comfortably on the shoulder? I'm also debating since the chain makes look just like a stam.
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    another picture from eBay
  3. Although the handles can fit over the shoulders it can be uncomfortable. As far as getting into the bag many girls either leave it unziped or unbuckled to make it easier. That said, it is a beautiful bag and you should check it out IRL to see if it will suit your lifestyle.
  4. i have a soft cafe venetia, and i thought the buckle would really bother me...but it don't...i hardly ever buckle it...i just leave it and the shoulder straps fit on my shoulder fine, now that its warmer and im not wearing heavy/thick coats..for reference im about 5'5'' and 123ish..but it is a rather heavy bag if you load it up...hope this helps :o)

    oh, and i don't really care for the chain on this bag...JMO
  5. i can still get in and out of my bag without unbuckling the strap. only get bothersome when i can't find something and really have to dig.

    personally, i don't get the chain strap. the bag is pretty big, so i would never carry it on my shoulder. and i always hold the bag in the nook of my arm, doesn't fit well on my shoulder.
  6. thanks Melly, too bad my local stores don't even carry any venetia. :crybaby:
    I can only try to imagine how it looks on me, but i always love big, chunky looking bags generally, I'm guessing it should suit me.
  7. I wonder if that's reason why they start making them with cotton lining. the bag i sold was way too heavy before i even put in anything.
  8. i'm only worried because it's really heavy, it gets even heavier on your arm. i have this problem with my Stam, so i'm debating between a venetia and a shoulder bag like a MP or Stella.
  9. what about the leather choice? does anyone have any comments on the patchwork? or shall i get one in calf leather?
  10. I'm starting to really like the patchwork style. If you don't mind the new design of the Venetia(no pockets), then go for the patchwork. It's always great to carry around a new season bag.

    Of course, calf leather is always classic, but I'd only get calf if there was a specific color I wanted.
  11. I have a Venetia in Washed Rose (the soft calf) and use it as an everyday bag. I really love it, its my first designer bag, and I'm used to convenient bags, and I have found this one fine. I leave it buckled, but the zip undone, because the zip is kinda stiff anyways.
    It is a heavy bag, but again, I've come from cheap, light, convenient bags and it is not an issue for me. And I always carry in the crook of my arm, to tight for the shoulder (and I'm slim).
    Highly rec this bag! And the patchwork is so cute :smile:
  12. thanks ladies for your input. I've finally made up my mind.
    It's on its way. A beige patchwork. I will post pictures when it arrives. i'm going to be on a purse ban till 2008. LOL..
  13. Oooooh, hooray! Can't wait to see your pics when she arrives! I think this bag is really unique and eye catching! CONGRATS!!
  14. Yippee!! Can't wait to see pics of her!
  15. oh congratulations!! i can't wait to see pics! i think you'll really love it! i use mine all the time. i do wonder if it will be lighter than the older ones... i weighted mine and it weight about 4.5 lbs before i put anything in it!! lol..i would be interested to see what yours weights :yes: