new patchwork. ugh

  1. Dh and I went to Macy's yesterday....of course we had to go look at Coach's.
    My husband took one look at the patchwork and said " are you seeing that. Damn that makes me about lose respect for coach".

    i couldnt believe they we so unattractive irl.....well, just in my opinion anyhow.
    but i know there are people out there lovin' it too.
  2. I agree it is :yucky:
    I did see a girl today wearing, she must love it.
  3. I saw a girl last week with one of the new totes too. And it looked good on her.

    Well to each their own.
  4. ^^ true true^^
  5. some people do actually like it

    for me, i only like it in small proportions, like mini skinny or makeup bag, but the tote looks awfully cute too

    not something i'd wear mind you

    maybe just to look at

    but not as a purse.
  6. i actually loooove it. i want a small patchwork tote badly. i dunno, it reminds me of madras and really preppy stuff, very summery. i think its adoraaabble. since so many people dislike it though.....lots will go to the outlets maybe? i hope. =]
  7. Well, if everyone liked the same thing life wouldn't be nearly as interesting as it is. I don't really care for any type of patchwork, but this one does seem to be a little... well, I don't know what the appropriate word would be... I did go by the store the other day and saw these and I do have to admit they look a little better in person than they do on Anyways, I am sure there are bags in each of our collections that others would find totally repulsive.
    I am curious as to how well these are selling. Coach SA's???
  8. I saw a girl carrying one at Lahaska Tues. Yuck. In small amounts, it is more appealing.

  9. i'd like to own it just to own it. the patch work is kinda tacky, i just kinda fell in love with the small tote. we'll see ;)
  10. mrs jones, my boyfriend actually loves the patchwork and wants me to get it.
    me...not so much. too much stuff going on, too much color, and too much of everything for me to really like. i see this handbag on a girl younger than me...probably in middle school or even high school.
  11. My dh thinks it's kind of cute, with the right outfit, and he likes the scribble! I didn't really care for either! And of course, I love the Legacy bags and he thinks they look like old lady bags! At least we agree on the Ergo! I'd like to see the make up pouch and mini skinny IRL though. I think those might be kind of cute!
  12. I love the new patchwork. I think it's very fun, fresh, summery. I love the little ballerina sneakers too.
  13. At first I didn't like it, now I think its kinda cute but its not for me... and I LOVE patchwork. Its different. If you like it and you can pull it off, more power to ya! Its just a tad too busy for me. :smile:
  14. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of any of the patchworks but the new one is just, hmmm I dont know. Totally not for me but variety is the spice of life. I agree with others that it is a very young looking purse. Nice for the summer if thats your style.
  15. i just think that if i could get my hands on multiple pieces of patchwork over the years, someone could look at it as a "piece" in a collection. patchwork is seasonal and always different. i just figure having pieces to look back on like that would almost be like a coach scrapbook! i think it's something to collect! :shrugs: it's way too young for me but i think i'll be buying a piece just to have it. maybe a wrislet, wallet, cosmo case, somethin little ;) just to say i have it :smile: