New Patchwork coming out...

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  1. I thought I would :heart: this bag when I saw it in the catalog... now I am not too sure :confused1:

    What do you think?

  2. I think its lovely! I would love one. ^.^
  3. It's pretty but I have to say that I'm partial to last year's khaki patchwork. I think you'll find lots of of tpfers who prefer a certain year's designs.

    I have heard on this forum that this bag is really gorgeous in person and that the pics don't do it justice. Maybe you'll know once you see it for yourself?

    I have seen pics of the medium carly patchwork that is coming out (saw it at Macy's), and it is pretty, too.

    Good luck!
  4. I like it.
  5. I dunno, I'm really liking the denim patchwork, I think it's coloring my view of this one. It's cute, but I think I like the denim patchwork better, I like the little pocket!
  6. Ooooo....I realy, really like it. I like the patchworks but this is my favorite one so far.
  7. they have it online. if you search in the bar on for patchwork it should bring it up. im in LOVE with the khaki.
  8. I like this patchwork, I'm partial the metallics.

    Congratulations! I've been thinking a lot about babies lately and noticing them more. Because my youngest will be 5 end of May and off to kindergarten in August!:crybaby:

    :yes:Wishing a healthy, comfortable and enjoyable pregancy!
  9. someone shopping in the store had last years modell... it looks WAY better in person to me!! it was gorgeous! so elegant and the patchwork was beautiful
  10. mmm.......not loving it.
  11. That's cute :smile:
  12. Its very pretty, I like the leather details and the turnlock.
  13. I think more brown this year than last year's patchwork
  14. I can't decide.. the animal prints have got me wondering.. I think I like it though :P